Established in the year 1968

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Privacy Policy


  • We reserve all rights to gather important information that all customers using our website reveal. All information is collected from various users while they access our website by various means like, emails and others. We collect information related to names, addresses, fax numbers, telephone numbers, billing addresses, etc. We also reserve the right to store crucial information of online payment methods and other related information like, numbers of credit cards etc.

   Information policy

  • We are free to utilize various information that we collect, for any purpose related to internal review. Information collected is primarily utilized to send alert notifications to innumerable customers about various updates pertaining to our website. The information also offer benefit for crucial marketing purposes that includes updating clients about the latest news through newsletters etc. We also have the right to share all or sections of collected information with law enforcement agencies of the country, whenever necessary or directed.

   Statistical information

  • We use all statistical information collected from visitors to sort out various diagnostic features of different technical problems and also maintain crucial computer servers. We also utilize statistical information related to usage pattern of our clients to upgrade our website, manage all information and activities of our website and even use it efficiently. We reserve all rights to generate analysis and reports based on these statistical information to carry out our internal monitoring, analysis and various marketing decisions. We also reserve the right to offer or share such crucial statistical information collected and maintained at our directory to various third parties whenever necessary. However, we take proper care not to disclose any personal information to third parties that would reveal the identity of our online users and visitors.

   Cookies policy

  • We also reserve various rights to utilize cookies that we collect through several means to store information regarding preference of all web visitors. We utilize all preference of visitors to record information related to products, which customers prefer to add in online shopping carts; customize our website or various sections of our website to suite browser preference of our visitors or any related information that is collected from various visitors of our website.

   Sharing policy

  • We reserve various rights for sharing information collected through various means. We respect the right to maintain privacy of all visitors of our website. We guarantee that we do not share any information of our visitors like, postal addresses, email addresses etc., with any other associated company. On the other hand, we ask the permission from all visitors before using information of their address. We may send various promotional materials or newsletters related to innumerable services or latest products of our company in case the visitors supply their postal addresses or email ids with our website. However, we also reserve the right to suspend all such programs with a kind request from visitors through emails at our customer care section.

   Security policy

  • We maintain highest security policy and inspect every security issue to protect our visitors and clients against any loss of information, alteration or misuse. We guarantee proper utilization and secrecy of all collected information.
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